Welcome to the Expert Online Startup Course

I'm really excited about beginning this new Case Study, which, from this point forward will be called the "Expert Online Startup Course." I'm especially excited to be working on this with my good friend, Jim Owens. Jim is a Massage Therapist and has been wanting to move into the online market as an additional stream of income for a while now. So I thought he would make a perfect candidate for this Case Study, especially since he knows nothing about selling online and I know nothing about Massage Therapy. So as I teach Jim the entire process of getting his first products up online to sell, we will record and document everything...every process, every vendor we use, our product creation processes, traffic generation and so on. As Jim learns, you will learn...and at NO COST! It should be a lot of fun!

I sat down with Jim the other day a recorded a short introduction for you...just so you know that Jim is a real person and not an alter ego of mine...lol!

Hope you enjoy!


All the posts for this course will come through this site, www.expertmediatips.com. As we post the next step in our process, I'll send out notification e-mails to let you know a new lesson is ready. We will begin in a few days. That's it for now. I'm looking forward to seeing you succeed online!


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I fell of the wagon, but I'm okay...

"Hello, my name is Tony, and I am an eBay-a-holic."

I am hopelessly addicted to eBay. I can't help myself. To me, eBay is like the best of both worlds. It's the ultimate yard sale where you can find literally anything you want (and lots of stuff you don't want), but it's also a great place to make money selling your own stuff as well.
My "addiction" is that I purchase so MANY products on how to make money using eBay that I had to swear to myself that I wouldn't purchase another one. That's right…I went COLD TURKEY on eBay info products. And things were going smoothly, too…my eBay impulses were under control. I made some sales, bought my Dad something for his camera…life was good.

Then it happened…from out of nowhere.

I heard about a new, underground e-book that talked about selling on eBay and finding REAL success. Suddenly I felt restless…I was fidgety. I WANTED to read the sales page. "There's no harm in just reading the sales page," I thought foolishly. Finally, after going back and forth like this for a while, I did it...I convinced myself that I didn't have a problem and one more sales page wouldn't hurt anything. So I headed over to the site (http://www.yourebayexpert.com/) and took a peek.

What I discovered shocked me!

The graphics on the site were just horrid…I nearly closed the browser right then. I was so distracted from the appearance of the site that I had no good reason to believe the e-book would be any better. Against my better judgment, I kept reading (junkies do that). The sales copy was typical...yada, yada, yada...blah, blah, blah. "Looks like my addiction is safe," I thought with a false sense of security. "Oh look, an endorsement from Jim Cockrum…he's somebody who should know better...hmmm." More testimonies, income statements, bullet points...whoopty-doo! Then I got to checkmark number 13 in the sales copy...that unlucky number 13.
It was like the guy had slipped me a "mickey." I couldn't control myself any longer. It was ALL OVER. I picked up the book and promptly fell right off the wagon. I AM an eBay-a-holic! Da&%# that checkmark number 13.

As I sat there reading my addiction, I realized something...something kind of wonderful actually. This book was different from the others I had read. This guy was revealing some things about eBay that no one talked about before now...insider-type things. Then I came to "The Bull Dog's Yard." This is where the author reveals some very sneaky techniques that put him "on the map" in eBay making $1,000 plus a day. Absolutely brilliant! Now I'm happy...smiling...relieved.

YES…I stumbled on my path to eBay freedom...but THIS junkie is going to make some serious cash from the stuff I learned from this book. Am I telling you that you should feed YOUR addiction? Can I live with the fact that I may cause YOU to fall off your own eBay wagon?

**YES** (but just this once).

You NEED this book! Yes, the graphics are kind of repulsive (at least to me as a former graphic artist), but the content is stellar...not just more empty calories. So get the book, then climb back on the wagon and read it from there, and it will ALL be good!



The Public Domain Expert

PS - Watch out for checkmark number 13!

Recipe for Your Own Online Money Factory…Review!

Don’t you hate when someone shows you up seemingly without effort? Kevin Riley is one of THOSE people. I hate him…he sucks (he’s brilliant!). Seriously, I LOVE his stuff!

Kevin has established a reputation of shoe-horn packing SO MUCH information into his many “Recipe” reports that outdoing the product content is nearly impossible. He certainly does NOT make the playing field a level one. He has raised the bar for producing quality products for less to such an extent, that all newbies out there should use HIM as a case study for success. Kevin is very generous in his wisdom (and has LOTS of it), so when I see a new product from him, I pay attention. Well he just released a new “Recipe” product. The purchase was a no-brainer…although I was VERY curious as to whether or not he could top his previous products or if it would just be a rehashing of his old stuff. He set a new mark…geez Kevin!

“Recipe for Your Own Online Money Factory” is a 70+ page “report” (I’ve purchased e-books with less pages) that takes you step-by-step through the paces of setting up your very own online Money Factories…and he doles out some juicy little secrets that will certainly help you get those factories cranking out the cash quickly. In the report he shares:

Day 1 – Generating Ideas
Day 2 – Researching The Market
Day 3 – Finding Products To Promote
Day 4 – Design Your Reports
Day 5 – Research Those Little Things
Day 6 – Write Your Reports
Day 7 – Assemble Your Reports
Day 8 – Build A Keyword Phrase List
Day 9 – Craft Your E-Mail Series
Day 10 – Write Your Sales Pages
Day 11 – HTML And Scripts

Kevin leaves nothing to chance, and shares from his own experience. Now here’s the kicker…he’s charging just $9.95…darn cheap if you ask me…and that includes the report AND a ton of templates to make your life easier (told you I hate him).

If you are a fan of Kevin’s “Recipe” products, the purchasing “Recipe for Your Own Online Money Factory” is an automatic “BUY” decision. However, if you have NOT purchased ANY of Kevin’s reports before…you are missing the boat my friend because they don’t get much better than what Kevin offer’s in the Recipe reports. To grab your own copy of his new report, “Recipe for Your Own Online Money Factory,” go to:


If you would like to pick up a special 3-pack of some of his previous reports:

Recipe for Quick and Easy Product Creation
Recipe for Hot-Selling Salesletters
Recipe for Driving Heavy Traffic to Your Sales Page

AND get a special bonus from me (45 Public Domain works for free), go here for all the details:


Tony Laidig

Instant Article Wizard Review

If you’re like me, whenever you read or hear “Instant” anything, there is immediate skepticism. It’s like a knee-jerk response with me. So when I heard about Jonathan Leger’s Instant Article Wizard software, I was immediately cautious. In my mind, “instant” and “quality” to not run in the same race…they are not even on the same team. But I respect Jonathan and the amazing work he did on the Seven Dollar scripts, so I decided to check it out. Well...after reading the sales page and watching the video where Jonathan creates an article on kitchen remodeling in under 8 minutes, I was hooked. I whipped out the plastic and purchased my own copy.


So did it live up to the hype? Let’s just put it this way, every person I demonstrated the Instant Article Wizard software for wanted it. I was equally impressed as well. For example, I produced a 500-word article on Massage Therapy in about 15 minutes and then gave it to my buddy, who IS a Massage Therapist. I told him that I found a great article on MT, and could he read it and tell me what he thought? Well he loved it...and nearly fell over when I told him I wrote it using this software. He's buying the software. I showed it to a lady who is not even in any kind business right now (she was a massage client for my friend). I asked her what topic she wanted to write an article on, to which she responded, “Faith.” I put the software through its paces, and in 5 minutes, had a brand-new article on faith. The lady wants the Instant Article Wizard software.

You should want it too. With the constant pressure to produce quality, no duplicated content, this is one of the best solutions I have found because it removes SO MUCH of the research time need to write quality articles and reports. Of course, you have other options. You could:

1. Write your own content. This can be time consuming with all the research you'll need to do. There's nothing worse than staring at a blank computer screen...yikes!

2. Hire a ghostwriter. They do the research and you give them money...lots of it! And then you pray to God they didn't plagiarize.

3. Use Private Label Rights content. Now don't get me wrong, I love PLR (buy and use lots of it)...but your content may also be owned by hundreds or thousands of others. Google isn't real fond of duplication...so you'll need to change it (which is what I do).

4. Use Public Domain works. Yeah...this is a GREAT option! But what if you need some reviews on the latest electronics or an article on the evils of pharmaceutical companies? You would be hard-pressed to find PD content on topics like this.

Instant Article Wizard is an excellent, low-cost, and often more effective alternative for producing your content. You would do well to invest in your own copy as soon as possible!


Tony Laidig

New Software Reviews, Articles and More

Expert Media Tips is going to serve as my site for offering expert reviews on new and upcoming Internet Marketing products, insider tips to make your online business explode in sales and growth and focused articles on ways to use all forms of media to create and expand your product offerings.

Try a Little Help From Our Friends

There are a few new tools available from a couple of the big boys. I’ve been playing with these a little and I thought I’d tell you about them. I don’t want to keep all the fun to myself.

The first new tool we’ll look at is from the gang over at Amazon.com. They have just released the beta version of aStore. Here’s their official description:

"Build your own professional online store featuring Amazon.com products in minutes with no programming skills required. Because aStore is a dedicated shopping area for your site, it is a great complimentary product for your existing Amazon product links. Visitors to your site get a professional shopping experience through your unique selection of products and categories and the features of Amazon.com you have chosen including Customer Reviews, Listmania, and more. The checkout process is completed through Amazon.com."

I’ve been an Amazon Associate for a while now (it’s free) so I thought I’d put a quick store together just to see how easy it really is. I wanted to feature graphics products for the website I reference in my soon-to-be-released book, “The Public Domain Code Book.” You can see the results of my store building for yourself at:
http://www.thegraphicsexpert.com/. I didn’t do any fancy graphics like I usually do (at least, not yet) and the whole process took me less than half an hour. Plus, I make a percentage of every sale made through the site! This is so simple EVERYONE should have one of these stores…especially since you can customize it to whatever niche you want.

I plan to use the aStore program to build my new Native American Bookstore, which will replace our marketplace at

* * *

The next tool I want to look at isn’t really a tool but a service. Google just made available their service for searching for and downloading Public Domain books. Here’s what they have to say about this awesome new goldmine:

Download the Classics: 8/30/2006
Posted by Adam Mathes, Associate Product Manager, Google Book Search

"Starting today, you can go to Google Book Search and download full copies of out-of-copyright books to read at your own pace. You’re free to choose from a diverse collection of public domain titles—from well-known classics to obscure gems.Before the rise of the public library—a story chronicled in this 1897 edition of The Free Library—access to large collections of books was the privilege of a wealthy minority. Now, with the help of our wonderful library partners, we’re able to offer you the ability to download and read PDF versions of out-of-copyright books from some of the world’s greatest collections.

Using Google Book Search, you can find The Free Library and many other extraordinary old books, such as:

• Ferriar’s The Bibliomania
• A futurist from 1881’s 1931: A Glance at the Twentieth Century
• Aesop’s Fables
• Shakespeare’s Hamlet
• Abbott’s Flatland
• Hugo’s Marion De Lorme
• Dunant’s Eine Erinnerung an Solferino
• Bolívar’s Proclamas
• Dante’s Inferno

To find out-of-copyright books that you can download, simply select the “Full view” radio button when you search on books.google.com. (Please note that we do not enable downloading of any book currently under copyright. Unless we have the publisher’s permission to show more, we display only small snippets of text—at most, two or three sentences surrounding your search term—to help you determine if you’ve found what you’re looking for.)

Of course, this is just the beginning. As we digitize more of the world’s books—whether rare, common, popular or obscure—people everywhere will be able to discover them on Google Book Search."

I haven’t had a lot of time to spend digging around here but I did a few searches for some niche topics and turned up some cool results. In the near future, I plan to spend a lot more time determining how to use this new feature to its maximum benefit. Once I know, you’ll know. That’s it for now! Go build your store!

The Code Story

Contained within the Public Domain Code Book (www.publicdomaincodebook.com) is a story I wrote called, “The Old Fisherman’s Net.” It’s a story that anchors (no pun intended) a contest for the release of the book that features a secret code that, when solved, leads you to real cash.
What I haven’t really told anyone, however, is how the story came to me and why that even matters. It’s just a story, right?! Well…maybe not.

What I am slowly beginning to realize is that this story might be more than just a clever tale written as part of a marketing plan for the Code book. As weird as it sounds, I’m starting to wonder if this story may actually have literal connections to my past. And no, I’ve not taken to drinking (at least not yet…)! In the coming weeks (and perhaps even, months), I am going to share with you a somewhat bizarre story that is still unfolding. I hesitate some to share this because of the strange nature of it all, but it IS connected to the Public Domain Code Book in a very real way. So for that reason alone, I will take you along with me on this adventure of discovering myself and my genetic past, through time, genealogy, treasure hunting and the Public Domain. I’m still in the midst of researching and verifying things right now. But I’ll start with what I’ve discovered so far. I will warn you though…this is getting kind of spooky weird, but also exhilarating at the same time…at least for me. For the sake of length, I will break up this…I don’t even know what to call it…life story…mystery…into sections and will notify you when I post a new “chapter.” I’ve decided to post this as a blog to make access easier for anyone who wants to follow the story. The address I am using for this, I actually reserved nearly a year ago, not having any idea of the events that would transpire in the coming year.

You can follow my adventure of discovery at: http://www.spiritualgenetics.com/SpiritualGenetics.blog

Giving Yourself a Raise…Continually

I recently had an “Ah-ha” moment that is changing nearly everything I am doing with my life, especially in business. This new “strategy” does not refer to the latest fad, the hottest new product or even to a career change. It DOES, however, require a new way of SEEING things…and if you’ve known me for very long, you will know that “seeing things differently” is a lifelong passion of mine.

I want you to think about how you are currently earning or receiving an income. Perhaps you are working for a company at an hourly or salary rate. Maybe you are self-employed and provide a service of some sort, like repairing cars or editing books. Some of you may buy and sell things for a profit, from real estate to jewelry. You might even have a residual income from rental properties, stock investments or other forms of passive income. The fact is, we each fall somewhere into one of these areas of earning an income.

Now think about this: What is the maximum amount of money you can earn in one week in your current income structure? This will vary quite a bit depending on what you do for a living, but I want you to seriously think about it. For me working as a self-employed graphic artist, I can produce around 2 to 3 covers a week along with 2 book paginations (I know this because that is what I am doing this week). If I really pushed the hours, I could probably complete three book paginations during the week, but it would take some effort. Working with that workload (which is pretty much my max) would net me around $4,000 in a best case scenario and depending on the customer. Of course I would not be able to do anything else but work on those projects. Now here’s the catch…and this is where my “ah-ha” comes in: If I want to make $4,000 next week, I have to do the same thing all over again…complete three more book covers and paginations. Do you think I would burn out after a while? You bet…been there, done that. And here’s what is really scary…if something were to happen to me, my income stops because it is based on my production. You can understand why I have been looking for alternative solutions for my income.

While finishing up the work on my Public Domain Code Book, something suddenly occurred to me…something huge! I was putting the same time and effort into creating the book cover and pagination for that project that I would for any customer except for one big difference. I will not just get paid once for that work…I will get paid over and over and over again…every time someone purchases that book. So instead of me doing the work once and getting paid for it once, I do the work once and get paid for it over and over again. I’ve already made more on the Public Domain products than what I would have been paid for the work by someone else and I haven’t even officially released it yet.

Here’s the point I want to get through to you. Within your current income situation, you are most likely limited by an hourly rate, a salary, a maximum production rate or whatever. Think about what you can do once that will earn you money continually. I’ll use Ed Owens as an example (I’ve talked to him about this already). Ed is a massage therapist. How many clients do you think he can massage in one week? Fifty? A hundred? Whatever the amount, there is a limit to the number of massages Ed can do, even as good as he is. But what if Ed took his knowledge and turned it into an information product like an e-book, videos, a home-study course or maybe even a membership site of some sort. Now Ed’s only limit on income will be based on how many products he can sell or members he can have sign up. He’s effectively multiplying himself. He would do the work once, and then get paid for it over and over again. Beautiful, isn’t it?!

My challenge for you today is this: What can YOU do in your niche that will multiply your income without subtracting your time? How can you do work once and get paid for it over and over again in your area of expertise? I’d love to hear what you come up with.


The Emotion of Headlines

I was recently tasked by one of the publishers I work with to create a half-page ad that would run in “Fresh Outlook” magazine. The ad was to feature one of the publisher’s newest titles, “Happiness Matters.” The basic layout of the ad includes a header line at the top, a picture of the book, a book blurb, an author bio or endorsement and contact info. As I thought about the book (one that I had laid out previously…it’s excellent), I wanted to really capture the audience with the header. I do not write headers for this publisher that often, but in this case, it had not been provided.

I knew that for the header to be effective, it needed to tap into the emotion of the reader. This was not a trade magazine, so the purpose of the ad was to sell to the consumer, not the bookstore buyer. After some experimenting and re-writing, I came up with the following header:

“Imagine how your LIFE would change, if YOUR happiness mattered.”

Most of us feel unappreciated at one time or another and THAT is the angle I wanted to write to. The headline may not be perfect, but it’s not bad. The reason I’m sharing this with you though is not to boast about a headline, it’s to provide a teaching example from the response of the publisher. When they e-mailed their corrections, they said that, while they loved the headline, the one in charge of final approvals was unreachable and she normally likes to use headlines that refer to the company. They included the following revised headline:

“[Publisher’s Name] International Best Seller”

Now let me ask you a question…Which headline will motivate you to buy the book? The point I want to make here is that, when creating a headline to sell your product—whether it’s books or boats, services or products—it’s important to understand a few basic facts: 1. Know who your customer is; and 2. Know how to connect to the customer emotionally. These points might seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many companies and individuals do not understand these two points. Let’s look at both of them briefly.

Know who your customer is… This seems like a “Duh” statement, but do you really know who is buying your products or services. Let’s look at the example I sited above. I know from serving in the publishing industry for nearly 14 years that the primary purchaser of books in the Christian publishing marketplace is women…they are the ones who will most likely purchase this book. We could even get into the demographics of the magazine to discover who the readership is by race, sex and age group. You need to be aware of these facts when approaching any selling campaign. Know your customer.

Know how to connect to the customer emotionally… When it comes to preparing copy and especially headlines, you need to connect emotionally to your customer in one of three ways: 1. Make them laugh; 2. Touch their emotions; 3. Wow them. In the headline I wrote for this ad, I went for number two. I wanted to activate their memory with pictures to connect to their emotion. That’s why I began with the word “Imagine.” Notice that I also uppercased LIFE…I wanted to make it personal to them. Next, I chose “would”… “Imagine how your LIFE would change” I didn’t say “could”…that leaves room for the possibility that it will NOT change. Then I closed the headline with emphasizing “YOUR.” I wanted to drive the point home that this was about them and their happiness. The two capitalized words leave an impression of “Your Life.” Women are usually extremely underappreciated and I wanted to convey, subtly, that the solution was available in the book.

The publisher decided to use point three…to wow them. I know from personal experience that women are hard to wow…men are easier to capture that way. Add to this the information being used to wow them…that the book is an international bestseller. You would be amazed at how few books you need to sell to declare a title a bestseller (not even thousands…although this title probably has sold several thousand copies). In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of books out there that are “bestsellers.” For me (as a guy and a purchaser of a lot of books), a statistic like that doesn’t wow me unless the book has been Number One on the NY Times bestseller list for a few years, and even then, it usually doesn’t matter. I file info like that under “So what!” In my personal opinion, I believe the publisher will leave money on the table by using this approach for the headline.

Please do not come away from this article thinking that I’m out to criticize my customer…I’m not! This ad does bring to light a great lesson to bear in mind as you develop products and services for your potential customers. Copywriting is a learning process…and there are many excellent resources available. I would recommend studying some of the great copywriters from the past like Robert Collier, Bruce Barton or Kenneth Goode. I would also recommend learning from some of today’s greats like Joe Vitale, Harlan Kilstein and Clayton Makepeace. Sign up for their newsletters and study what they write. Observe how it makes you feel and whether it motivates you to want to purchase. You’ll be well on your way to headline success! That’s it for now.